Learning and Absorbing

I have done a lot of growing up, my gracious Father, thank you, only through you, that I can learn, understand myself, the world. I don’t know, maybe it is just as well that I do not write when I am upset, for it will be a lot of confused thoughts, maybe I will not remember the lessons that I learned from, but I will always have been changed for the better, yes I like seeing clearly, and accepting the truth, and there is a satisfaction of being independent.

Dear Mother Mary, I don’t think, I realised the powerful impact, of surrendering my life to your merciful heart, learning that loving is the reason we are created, that is so wonderful to know, and I was picked special to learn to love my all, to give my heart to your dear Son Jesus, there is no purer love, there is the loyalty that I have searched for my entire life.

Please when I have harsh thoughts, help me to remember who I am, I don’t think I will brood on anything for longer, than a fleeting thought, also I will no longer be lonely, now I can see my joy. Hallelujah
dear Mother, you know I have found the hearts of some good friends, thank you for my beautiful Rae, thank you for Maryann, and my Marina has seen me through thick and thin, now I will not be a burden of neediness.

Please Mother Mary, the letter, that I sent to Mario, I hope that it has arrived into his hands, now I need to wait for his heart, please be close to him, for you know how I have failed him, I can only wish, all the things I have learned, that I knew when he was growing up. You know that I have an unselfish heart now, and that I know what it is to purely love, not to be needy. Oh it is so good to know that I am richly loved. How I have been in search from people, and they never understood, what it is to walk a mile in my shoes, only you do not play games, nor ever wish ill upon me, I can be secure, with your love, oh dear Family of Heaven, you do not know how grateful I am, for the path you have led me down, which I accepted like a blind man. yes now I know, who the Holy Spirit truly is.

Look down today on all of the earth and be merciful, allow a sense of Peace to come into each heart.


Long Lonely Life

I am glad you Stood Up, most keep their mouths shut, and that is Evil in itself. Most have no idea, that the child’s entire life is so lonely, for a bit of attention they will suffer the most obnoxious behavior, and it starts in school, other kids love easy prey. I am 64, in just the past couple of years, I have gained my Independence, finally have understood, God is my family, truly I would go through it all, again! for it has made me the person I am today, I am not a caveman, I know compassion, I know what it is to take the high road. +Christine Ebertshauser, I hope you are doing well today, I hope that God has blessed your life. God is the final judge, how many will suffer Hell, for their actions!

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